There’s no single answer to this question, there are so many reasons to travel to Ethiopia…

First, it means returning to the origins of humanity, according to recent paleontological discoveries, among whom highlights the discovery in 1974 of the first woman in the world, “Lucy” (3.5 million years), and in 2006 the first hominid child, “Selam” (3.3 million years). Ethiopia is considered as the first settlement of humanity.

It means visiting one of the oldest countries in Africa and, therefore, in the world (approx. 3000 years), with a huge historical wealth. Ethiopia is the place of one of the greatest kingdoms of the world, the kingdom of Axum, so travelers will find an important archaeological and cultural heritage.

Because coming to Ethiopia is getting in touch with pre-colonial Africa. It is the only country in Africa that hasn’t been colonized, so its people and culture has been developed free from European influence. To all this we must add their particular orography that has kept them isolated from their African neighbors.


It is the epitome of an entire continent in a single country. It’s the perfect definition of diversity. Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa (about 85,000,000 inhabitants), 82 languages ​​and 200 dialects and are spoken, and they profess Christianity , Islam, Judaism and Animism.

It’s visiting the pure nature. Land of contrasts: lakes and deserts , volcanoes and rivers , savannah and lush forests. Varied flora and fauna: 277 species of mammals (31 endemic), 862 species of birds (16 are endemic). More than 6,000 species of plants (12% are endemic).It has 10 National Parks and several protected natural areas.

It is a very safe country; there are very few cases of theft or robbery. Local society is extremely friendly and they profess a warm welcome to guests, always chaired by the friendliness and warmth.



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¿Por que viajar a Etiopía?
No existe una única respuesta a esta pregunta, son tantos los motivos por los que viajar a Etiopía... Naturaleza en estado puro, establecer contacto con África y su gente. Es la perfecta definición de diversidad