The generosity of Ethiopia, with its people, lush landscapes and rich history captivated us from the start. The proximity and hospitality with which we have received from our many trips we caught so that we decided to return a small part of what we had. So, with this philosophy, borns Endoethiopia an idea of the proximity of primarily tourism. Behind Endoethiopia, a team with a common goal: spread our enthusiasm for this country. Why Endoethiopia?In Hamer language means ¨Mother Ethiopia”, a concept that fits our ideology. The Hamer, for us, is the closest ethnic group and shared with more friends, as Endo (though pronounced Indo). It is one of the strongest people we have known and cherished. Mother of four girls, now women, Endo and his family have become part of ours, making us sharers in her life. Endoethiopia goes for them. Toni Espadas (Barcelona,1969). Usually referred to as home, any neighbourhood of Addis or a tiny tribal village of the southern lands. Has over 20 years travelling through Africa, much of which has happened in Ethiopia. Anthropological passion for photography is an expert off-road driver and has accompanied many groups.
Endalnew Gossayne
Toni Espadas
Carles Ibáñez
Gi Hiwot Chemdesa
Rafa Martín
Adolfo Benítez
Kasim Muzeyn